The Prague event itself lasted 3 days and already during the preparation we provided a team of assistants who contributed to the smooth running of the event. The first night we took a part of the guests to the dinner in a traditional Czech restaurant. The part of the dinner was also a brewery tour. Gala event which took place in the hotel was in a relaxed atmosphere also thanks to a very good folklore band and folklore dancing couples. The next day, after a half day working sessions, almost all 180 people attended a teambuilding activity (going through Prague and finishing in the area of the Prague Castle). Despite the very bad weather, guests enjoyed the game very much. At the end of the day we enjoyed a dinner in the restaurant in the area of the Prague Castle, where the winner team was announced by a Czech famous historical person.

„We can’t thank you enough for making our program so memorable.” was the feedback from the Senior Program Manager.

Prague event management: Martina Kurimska