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First cooperation with Arval in October 2019 on teambuild for over 100 employees. Even in time pressure absolutely professional approach and organizing which ended up in great event, combining CSR activity, team entertainment, catering and evening party. Choice od place (church) just on top of that. thank you guys! Jiri Havel, Head of HR, ARVAL CZ
Jiří Havel
Jiří H.
THANK YOU. It was a pleasure working with you.
Sabine Schneeweiss
Sabine S.
Friendly, understanding, very helpful, professional and efficient staff! We had a group to Prague in 2018, and our clients were fully satisfied!Five stars!
Žana Urbanovičienė
Žana U.
Un partner muy valioso en la ciudad de Praga con quien trabajar en confianza.
Paula Fuster
Paula F.
I had the pleasure of working with Maxin Prague on one of our VIP events, for 90 people. The plans from my client were very last minute, yet Maxin helped me with all aspects of the project with patience and professionalism. The result was an outstanding event from start to finish, encompassing hotel accommodation, transfers, welcome, gala and farewell dinners with entertainment and production.I highly recommend Maxin to any event planner or event manager who is looking for quality of service and speed of execution with a very friendly approach.read more
Nick Mitri
Nick M.
We trusted Maxin with our Elite Event incentive trip to Prague (from the U.S. with almost 200 people) and they did not disappoint! After we provided the specs they went above and beyond to suggest and find the right venues and secure the supporting entertainment to make our trip special. The management team at Maxin takes great pride and puts in the time necessary to create something really unique. The difference is in the details. Thank you Maxin!
Sheree Greenhalge
Sheree G.
Maxin Prague supported our international meeting which attracted 100 key opinion leaders from all over the world and did not disappoint. They tended to every detail and were flexible and service oriented. We very much appreciated their ideas and all our customers were very happy. I would work with Maxin Prague again at anytime.
Michèle Schaub
Michèle S.
A great team of professionals who are always ready to assist, and face new challenges with a smile. There's no doubt about who to look for, when you have an event in Prague!
Leslie Leo
Leslie L.
Thank you, Maxin Prague, for the outstanding event in 2018. I would certainly recommend the company.
Julia Che
Julia C.
We had a sales meeting last year in prague and chose Maxin to help us with the organisation of our event.Everything we ordered and discussed in advance with Maxin was as agreed.The restaurants and the activities were very good and well organised and despite some delays from our side (our workshop was longer than expected) we managed to do everything without stress.At one event it started to rain and we were equipped with raincoats, which i found very good.If you ever have to plan an event or activities for big groups you can rely on Maxin.read more
Ladislav Rinke
Ladislav R.
Kolegové z Maxin Prague pro nás zajistili kompletní organizaci velké mezinárodní konference ICPE 2013, takže jsme se mohli věnovat "pouze" odbornému programu. Organizace byla na naprosto špičkové úrovni a snad si mohu dovolit říci, že jsme navázali také nadstandardní osobní vztahy. Společnost Maxin Prague mohu vřele doporučit každému, kdo plánuje pořádání nějaké akce.
Irena Dvořáková
Irena D.
Profesionalita, skvělý servis, osobní přístup a spolehlivost. Eventová agentura Maxin Prague nám pomohla s organizací konference u přiležitosti oslav 25 let naší společnosti. Vše proběhlo hladce a bez sebemenšího zaváhání. Byli jsme maximálně spokojeni.
Marketing ČMZRB
Marketing Č.
Proč Maxin PRAGUE? Protože maximálně upokojí potřeby všech zákazníků, od malých, až po velké a je jedno z jakého oboru zrovna jsou. Lidé z Maxinu nám maximálně vyšli vstříc ve všech našich požadavcích a dodali nám i něco na víc, což bylo přesně to, co dalo naší akci tu "pomyslnou třešničku na dortu".
Michal Pluta
Michal P.
I was looking for an incoming partner for a corporate VIP event with 60 guest in Prague. For that reason we have chosen Maxin Prague. It was the right decision. From the initial contacts, first quotations over the pre-site visit and the final completion of the project everithing went smooth and was a full sucess. For a next group we would not hesitate to work again with the team of Maxim Prague.
Daniel riner
Daniel R.
I have worked with Maxin Prague in 2018. We hired them for a very demanding three-days event. They are highly professional, efficient and stay always friendly - even in tough situations. I can only recommend to work with them. Katharina Albrecht-Stadler, TRIAD Berlin
Katharina Albrecht-Stadler
Katharina A.
Great service and flexibility! Maxin Prague has proven to be a very reliable partner for all our events in Czech Republic and Poland. They have a professional approach even on smaller events, well structured and able to meet changing needs.
P. M.
P. M.
David Borovka
David B.
Jindřich Prousek
Jindřich P.
Pavel Lippert
Pavel L.
Best work I`ve had ever!It`s no shame, but rather honest pride to say as a marketing manager that I`m convinced what I sell is truly professional and up to highest standards! :)

What is the goal of Maxin PRAGUE?

Detaily tvoří dokonalost


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How it all began

Jarmila is the main character in the Maxin PRAGUE story.

She connected to years of experience in the tourism business and founded HER OWN AGENCY in 1999.

Today, she is leading an INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED EVENT COMPANY, that shows long-term FINANCIAL HEALTH, as well as enjoys respect of CLIENTS, COLLEAGUES and OUR WONDERFUL SUPPLIERS.

Jarmila Pipková Skorikova

Founder and CEO

Jarmila always followed the greatest hobby of hers: tourism – including her university studies, which she successfully graduated “The economics of services and tourism” at the University of Economics. With over thirty years of business experience, she nowadays represents the “financial brain” of the agency.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore perfection isn’t an act, but a habit.”


Languages: English, German, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak

These are the professionals working for Maxin PRAGUE


Jakub Skorik

Head of Sales

In the past he worked in several Prague hotels, but from the earliest days he also helped in Maxin PRAGUE. Over the years, he has gone through all the work positions within our family-owned agency, so today he knows exactly what needs to be arranged in each stage of each event’s preparation. He does not only apply his experience as a successful salesman, but always contributes significantly to the further development of the company by introducing modern technologies and also by searching for exclusive services that keep Maxin PRAGUE to be as complex event supplier in the Czech Republic as possible.

“You miss one hundred percent shots you don’t take.”


Languages: English, Czech

Anna Rudolfova

Head of Sales Assistant

She graduated The Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations at the University of Alabama, where she played tennis for the university team. The next year she was granted the US work visa and worked in the hotel industry. After five years she returned to her home town Prague and got a job at Maxin PRAGUE, where she can utilize her English skills and hobby in event organization.

“Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”


Languages: English, Czech

Marie Skalnikova

Sales Manager

Marie joined us in April 2016 and brought extensive work experience from various areas of tourism. She has worked in the area of F & B and Hotel industry, working environments from smaller family businesses to international hotel chains in the Czech Republic and abroad (4 years in Seychelles and in UAE). Marie believes that the trader’s work is not just about money, but also about helping people fulfill their ideas, interpersonal relationships and mutual trust. Traveling and exploring other cultures are her passion, she loves nature and likes dancing and reading. At leisure, Marie practices yoga and horse riding.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake never tried anything new.”


Languages: English, learns French, Czech

Roksolana Ankudinova

Sales Manager

Prior to the engagement at Maxin PRAGUE, Roksolana worked in a world-famous hotel chain and then in a big agency organizing weddings. This brought her to very broad range of experience in tourism, services for customers, as well as MICE and hotel service market.

Roksolana gathered her Education and experience in various countries. Also USA and Russia, for example, but it was the Czech Republic that gave her the opportunity to utilize her initiative, motivation and very broad skill set. She loves yoga and the belief that everything has its balance.

“Change your thinking, change your life.”


Languages: Czech, English, Ukrainian, Russian

Judita Vogelová

Sales Manager

She is qualified in sales marketing and she has more then 30 years experience with customer service. She introduced outstanding world famous magazines such as National Geographic, Time Magazine etc. to the Czech market. She learned the incentive enviroment with her business trips, both as a customer and organizer of workshops, seminars, conferences and international congresses for farmaceutical industry.

“We know what we are, but not what we may be.”


Languages: English, Italian, Czech


Daniel Kozik

Head of Events

Daniel graduated from the University of South Bohemia where he studied Tourism Management. For almost five years he worked as a trade show manager and a conference organizer. During a six months’ internship at Boyne Resorts USA Daniel gained valuable experience in hotel management and operations. When not at work, he devotes time to sports, music and arts. Daniel is a positive person, enthusiastic about MICE, proactive and a constant best solution seeker. He has joined our event management team in April 2012.

“There are those who look at things the way they are and ask: “Why?“ I dream of things that never were, and ask: “Why not?”


Languages: English, Czech

Maude Bonnin

Event Manager

Maude graduated at University of Angers where she studied Tourism and MICE industry. Since she was 14, she has a passion for travelling and meeting people from different cultures. During her studies, she spent 5 months in Helsinki and 3 months in Joinville (Brazil) thanks to the exchange student program in her university. She also gained vauable experience during 3 internships in Spain (Malaga, Madrid and Barcelona).

“Well done is better than well said.”


Languages: French, Spanish, English, learning Portuguese

Margarita Makarova

Assistant Event Manager

Margarita graduated at University of Economics, Prague with a degree in corporate finance and management. Working experience in F&B and tourist industry and her passion to organizing events has brought her to Maxin PRAGUE. Margarita can’t imagine her life without traveling. During her studies, she also spent eight months in the USA. She loves challenges, pushing the limits of possible, learning about different culture, languages and active lifestyle.

“The only way to do a great job is to love what you’re doing.”


Languages: English, Czech, learning Spanish, Russian


Vladimir Babic

Event Manager – Teambuilding Moderator

He joined the Teambuilding department after returning from Iceland. In his work with teenagers he learned that nothing is so bad that it could not be worse and every problem has its solution. He is a graduated historian with a fondest of knitting and juggling. His versatile use of the event manager and moderator is also underlined by the qualification of the Prague Guide, which always has good ideas, where it can be stopped for good chocolate, delicious food or renowned Czech beer.

“Life is like cycling. To keep the balance, you must move forward. ”


Languages: English, Slovak

Daniel David

Assistant Project Manager

Daniel likes the communicate with potential clients, who are interested in teambuilding activities, as well as with existing clients, thanks to the experience he also gained in other tourism industries. He carefully listens to customers’ wishes and creates and compiles a tailor-made programs for them accordingly. His goal is a satisfied client, who not only takes away experience from the events, but also new awareness and lessons.

“To do the thing that we are afraid of is the first step towards success.”


Languages: English, Czech

Jana Hrbackova

Moderator / Event Manager

Jana has extensive experience in working with both children and adults. In addition to teaching practice, she worked years as a guide in a travel agency for seven years. She loves traveling, exploring foreign cultures, people, so it’s not surprising that she has already visited all the continents of the world. True, Antarctica is just about to be. Jana usually travels on her own, which requires good organisational and communication skills. These strengths brought her to Catalyst, where she can apply them in practice.

“Live every day as if it were the last.”


Languages: English, German, Czech

Our place in the global community of professional event organizers

In order to continually IMPROVE our SERVICES, we SHARE experience with our colleagues from all corners of the planet. Their recognition is a great honor for us. Being one of them, we have ACCESS to the most influential MICE business professionals (meetings, incentives, conferences, events) in the world. We follow the LATEST TRENDS in our industry – from CUSTOMER ACCESS to TECHNOLOGY. Together with our strong business allies, we can even OFFER you the same QUALITY OF SERVICES in many COUNTRIES ABROAD.

Maxin PRAGUE is a member of

Maxin PRAGUE became Euromic member in Fall 2013. Foundation in 1973 means that euromic is one of the associations with longest history and thanks to personalities, who participated within those forty years, it has earned the status of “THE association of the leading Destination Management Companies in Europe”. Nowadays it represents top destination management suppliers of over 40 countries around the globe.

This group builds its reputation on values of success: experience, expertise, high-caliber special-interest programs, quality, stability, sophistication and the highest standards of professional conduct. euromic strives for top quality and the best level of professional services in MICE business and group travel.

Catalyst is one-of-a-kind teambuilding network with representatives in over 40 countries world-wide. Established over 25 years ago, it uses the power of intelligent game design to positively affect the culture of teams with lasting results. All the members are hand-picked and Maxin PRAGUE proudly joined the network in March 2016 to provide our clients with even better teambuilding programs

As the global voice of the destination management industry, ADMEI is the premier resource for education, standards and practices within the DMC industry. Members collaborate to define and advance new initiatives and also look to ADMEI for advances impacting the destination management industry. ADMEI is the trusted partner in the certification of destination management professionals and the accreditation of destination management companies.

SITE (Society for Incentive Travel Excellence) is another place to be in our view. Founded in 1973 it represents global platform of 2000 members in 90 countries and 28 locally focused chapters. It builds on four pillars: Connections, Creativity, Trust and Results, it connects incentive professionals from all of the planet. Moreover it represents source of business, being able to search for and recommend high quality suppliers in the MICE business, just like Maxin PRAGUE CEO and founder, Jarmila Skorikova, who proudly joined SITE in 2000.

MPI was founded in 1972. Its 18,500 members in 86 countries in 70 clubs and chapters share the belief that meeting and event planners play a critical role in success of modern businesses. This way the association’s commitment is to give its members the very best in professional development and business opportunities. In this regard it provides MPI members and event community with innovative and relevant education, networking opportunities and platform to share business experience, acting as a prominent voice for the promotion and growth of the industry.

World of DMCs is a global association of first-class Destination Management Companies. With Maxin PRAGUE as a founding member in 2007, it nowadays gathers partners in 70 destinations worldwide. Main focus of quality-oriented community is quite implicit: Professional service, efficiency, creativity, respect and transparency, within the frame of rigid Code of Ethics.

Prague Convention Bureau is a local non-profit organization in Prague, which purpose is to intermediate reach between clients and proven local suppliers, including congress hotels, PCOs (Professional Congress Organizers) and DMCs (Destination Management Companies). This organization also provides information on tourism possibilities of Prague as a congress and corporate destination, including negotiation with local authorities, media and representatives of local leading businesses.

1 DMC World is the association of global professional Destination Management Companies (DMCs) located in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America, North America and the Caribbean. Its members are based within and operate locally in their respective countries with a unique local understanding of the challenges and solutions needed to organise and manage a successful event on their continent.

The mission is to provide excellent service to association’s clients, everywhere in the world. All the DMC country members are committed to efficient service, creative ideas, respect for the environment and uphold a strict Code Of Ethics.

Maxin PRAGUE is a member of THE ACK ČR, mission of which is to represent and protect the economic interests of members, to promote their awareness, to develop their activities and professional prestige. The association actively takes part in improving the Czech tourism market, initiates the creation of relevant legislation and economic measures in relation to tourism and is in this way a partner and a reminder point for the authorities of State authority and administration. The ACK promotes the reputation and level of Czech tourism, fights against unfair competition and factors harming the reputation of tourism in the Czech Republic.

Sales Representatives

THE TRAVEL COLLECTION represents the global portfolio of FIRST class DMC companies, hotels and other companies in tourism business. It provides the best of service and quality. It guarantees maximum effort for the satisfaction of its clients in organizing meetings, incentive programs, conferences, events and special interest groups.

KLASS Representaciones Turísticas, a company founded in 2006, is our sales representative for the Spanish market. It focuses on the MICE sector and luxury leisure tourism, and in these areas represents some of the best European DMC companies, providing them with very individual services in both sales and marketing. Sales calls, newsletters, workshops, fairs, and fam trips are appropriately tailored to provide a well-defined result for each client. Maxin PRAGUE is thus represented for Prague.

Maesse Lichter Marketing is a leading agency representing foreign hotels and destination management agencies in German-speaking countries, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It creates innovative concepts for meetings, incentives, conferences and events in accordance with all the wishes and requirements of its clients.


The fifth year in a row in 2019, Maxin PRAGUE DMC agency received a reward recognizing its reliability and payment morale from the Czech on-line portal zivefirmy.cz.

Thank you!

Strategic Partner – Online Marketing

Matoosh Skorik

Strategic partner: Marketing
Matoosh s.r.o.

Matoosh has been working for Maxin PRAGUE since 1999. Since then he has graduated at the Faculty of International Business and Affairs and has also worked in other companies within the tourism industry. 2009 – 2017 he was a full-time member of Maxin PRAGUE team, being in charge of large part of communication STRATEGY and also COMPLETE online marketing tools of the company. He became independent in 2017 to manage his own agency focused on communication, marketing and on-line marketing. He also created the websites you are using right now. Matoosh always works closely with Maxin PRAGUE, because it is the FAMILY that allowed him to BUILD his professional SPECIALIZATION – and Maxin PRAGUE now belongs to his most important clients. He spends his leisure time in NATURE, building his house, organizing a biker club, and also DEVELOPING his CONSCIOUSNESS.

“To question one’s experience is to create one’s world.“


Languages: English, German, Czech, Slovak