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Prague has been the INTERSECTION of INTERNATIONAL ROUTES and the place of meeting people OVER a THOUSAND YEARS, since antiquity. Advantageous LOCATION “in the Heart of Europe”, high-quality TRANSPORT CONNECTIONS from many metropolises of the world and a vast selection of PLACES suitable for meetings of all the focus complements the list of PROVEN SUPPLIERS of various tourism sectors. Prague has become a TRADITIONAL PLACE where meetings are held for guests from all over the world – whether it is top-level politics, international business, strategic meetings of corporate executives or other opportunities.

The meeting begins by selecting its target to be fulfilled. From this moment on, we are available to the client and we help to define both the objectives of the meeting, as well as ways to achieve them the best. This is why Maxin PRAGUE has been working as a PROFESSIONAL meeting ORGANIZER since 1999. An important meeting of people from distant corners of the planet deserves the choice of a first-class venue, catering, audiovisual and sound technology, translators, VIP transport services and all the other accessories – the selected services will then be finely tuned and sensitively connected to each other, so that they form ONE WHOLE.

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