“We need to prepare an unforgettable trip to Prague with great food and 2-days full of interesting activities.” These were our instructions for the November event in Prague. The first day started with a sightseeing tour, during which the guests saw the most prominent sites of the Czech Capital with a twist. The group focused on following steps of Franz Kafka. We showed them the museum, his school, houses he lived in and many other interesting details that link Kafka to Prague.

Dinner in a traditional Czech restaurant is still remembered for full tables of various Czech dishes and delicious Czech beer. The thematic night ended with a cheerful folklore performance. On the final day, the series of game finals which was supplied with AV equipment from us and was followed by the gala dinner and party with the DJ and cover band. Guests enjoyed the party and danced to the popular songs till the end.

“Thank you for the pleasure working with such a professional team!”
NE, Project manager

Incentive manager: Alexandra Zupova

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