Linet spol. Planned workshop for their product department in Dvur Perlova voda and decided they’d like to have s teambuilding as well. They picked The Big Picture product so they could project their company values and approach to the client into it.

We designed beautiful layout for the Big Picture event that included company values as well as their final clients and mascot. Catalyst team arranged all the necessary art supplies, painting tools and protective clothing as well as music. Helping staff and moderating the whole event.

The activity boosted team communication and networking skills. The design came out beautifully! As a “wau effect,” the final framed picture composed from 10 canvas of size 40×40 was revealed after dinner at Dvur Perlova Voda conference room.

I would like to thank you once more for amazing experience you provided to our team. Everybody enjoyed The Big Picture event as well as we enjoyed your facilitation and company. We look forward working with you again in the future.”
Project manager, client side

Teambuilding manager: Radka Vlachova

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